Stocks vs Bonds: A Visual Recap

Overview Going back to 1928, these graphs give some historical context for the age-old conversation of investing in stocks versus Treasury bonds.1     As shown in Graph A above,2 investing in the S&P 500 since 19283 would have returned nearly 4,500% more than investing in 10yr Treasury bonds.4 Assuming the initial investment was $100, the

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Bonds vs Bond Funds: A Calculator

In an uncertain yield environment, it can be difficult to estimate whether a bond vs bond fund will have a higher total return.  I made a spreadsheet to help clear up some confusion regarding when (and why) Treasury bond returns could differ from Treasury bond fund returns:     Under various customizable

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Low Volatility ETFs: The Bigger Picture

There’s been a decent amount of debate about low-volatility funds over the past year – depending on who you ask, these funds are either great with solid academic support or a quickly-passing fad. It’s gotten a bit confusing about whether these low-volatility funds actually belong in the average investor’s portfolio, so I took

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